Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The beginning

The Mission Home

We made it to Ghana safe and sound.  The airport in Accra was interesting, but there were a lot of really nice people to help us get our flight to Kumasi.  We got a new truck to drive, but we didn’t drive for a couple of days.  You kind of have to be mentally prepared to take on the traffic, potholes, goats, motorcycles and people.  It is every bit as bad as we had heard. Crazy drivers.  If they break down in the middle of the road that’s where they fix them. The weather is not as bad as we had expected.  It warm and humid, but we haven’t noticed any discomfort.  The people are very poor but are very happy.  They sit in their little food or whatever stands day after day.  The women carry everything on their heads.  We saw a woman carrying a sewing machine on her head.  They do dress nice though.  Most of them make their dresses and skirts.  The sewing machines are hand crank and sit out in front of their shacks that they live in and sew.  The fabric is beautiful.  Their hair is also beautiful.  Most of them keep it really short and have braid extensions or they wear wigs. There is a lot of garbage or littering.  They tend to throw wrappers and stuff in the streets.  Then they will clean it up and burn it anywhere.  You will find  little fires burning randomly everywhere.  Fixing meals is a challenge.  We can get a few items that we are used to, but we have to go to 3 markets and street vendors to find it.  Only frozen chicken, no other meat.  We get our chicken and frozen vegetables at one store, our flour and rice at another and there is a 3-story store that is a lot like Family Dollar that sells a lot of K-mart type stuff, pots and pans, bedding etc. and a little food.  We get lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and that type of thing from the street vendors and our bread at the bread place.  We are losing weight because it takes so much thought and work to plan our meals and get our food.  We met with the mission president and got our assignments.  We have 12 because we are the only couple here besides the office couple and they need a lot of help.  We visited our first branch today.  I will talk more about that later.

Our door bar system

Our  apartment

"Street" to the Mission Home

Mission Home

Our Truck

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  1. Nice pictures. Joshua loved the lizard or whatever that is :)