Saturday, April 13, 2013

3 months

Time is going fast.  Things continue to fall into place.   Our testimonies are growing by being around the members of the church.  They have very strong testimonies.  We spend a lot of time with the missionaries going to their district meetings, zone activities, giving them rides and sitting in on their investigator lessons.  They work hard and are very dedicated.  We can feel their spirit as they give their lessons and teach.  I feel like we are learning far more than we are helping, but we are beginning to realize why we were sent here. We have not made it to the Central Market where they weave the Kente cloth, however on the way to one of the apartments, we past some people weaving Kente.  We stopped and they let us take a picture of them.  Of course, still pictures do not give it justice.  We traveled to Bibiani one day.  It is a very nice drive and a good road.  This is a picture of the elders apt. who are serving in that area.  It is one of the nicest apts in the mission.
Weaving Kente cloth

Apartment in Bibiani 

View from the step

For one of the zone activities they toured the Everpure bottled water plant.  There are a lot of bottled water plants here.  Most are filtering systems set up in a little building.  They bottle water in bottles and in the little plastic bags that they call sachets.  The sachets are the most popular.  They are everywhere.  The problem is everyone throws the bags on the ground when they are finished with them.  It causes a big mess.  Everpure is run by the counselor in the mission presidency.  The plant is big and there is more than one.  They use reverse osmosis to purify their water.  The plant is very modern and impressive.  Here are some pictures that we took before we found out that we weren’t supposed to take pictures inside.

In the ward we attended the week of the Relief Society birthday, some of the women in the ward talked in sacrament meeting.  The day before they all got together and made blue and gold dresses.

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  1. Great pictures!! Love seeing and reading all the new adventures your having! Your in our prayers! Thanks for keeping an eye on our son, we appreciate it!
    Tim & Lisa Belnap