Wednesday, June 19, 2013

May Highlights

We have fallen into a routine now, so we mainly have just a few highlights and special things that we have done.  The first part of May was transfers.  We had 8 missionaries go home and 13 come in.  It was a very busy 2 days.  We did a lot of traveling and shuffling missionaries.  We got to take a group to the airport and see them off.  It is such an exciting time for them.  Then we went back to the airport to pick-up the new ones coming in.  It is fun to see their enthusiasm and their reaction as they arrive.
Waiting to go to the airport

Missionaries going home
We went to Tamale for the first time since the new area was opened up.  It is about a 5 hour drive.  There are 8 elders up there.  I'd heard that it was hotter there because it was closer to the Sahara.  I envisioned desert and camels and elephants.  So as we are driving I kept watching for the desert.  It really isn't that close to the Sahara.  The terrain is much flatter and the trees are much shorter, more like bushes.  It was somewhat warmer.  The streets are wide and it seemed cleaner.  There are no tro-tros just a few taxis and a million motor scooters.  We didn't get a very good picture of the motor scooters, but EVERYONE including the women in their dresses with babies on their backs ride motor scooters.  There are also a lot of bicycles.  No camels or elephants.   As far as missionary work there, it is a challenge.  It is predominately Muslim and a lot people go to Tamale to work, but are not there permanately.  We stayed in a pretty nice hotel.  We were glad to get back to Kumasi.

Not sure the what river this is

Petroleum bulk plant

Lots of these interesting little thatched-roof huts

Termite hill

Kind of a scary plant

Our room

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