Saturday, November 16, 2013


Transfers are every 6 weeks.  They come around really fast and I guess that is a good thing.  We just send a group home, welcome another in and it then it is time to do it all again.  It is a lot of work for everyone, but it is a fun and exciting time.
Going home!!

Elder Belnap


Here we come!

Our trip to the kente village where they weave the kente and sell cool kente things.  They are a little weird about us taking pictures though, so we didn't get many.   We could try weaving kente if we wanted.  I didn't want to try.   Cooper took us, so these are pictures of Sister Cooper working the loom and Brother Cooper and their baby.
Sister Cooper weaving.  You use your hands and feet.  Too hard for me.

Man that works there

The next day he took us to the Central Market.  Sister Palmer and I shopped for more fabric.  We still didn't get very far in because it is so big.

This is medicine.  Something for whatever ails a person

Veronica works at the mission home.  She had twins in July.

I don't know how they get those babies on their backs without dropping them.  You can see that I was nervous so I was holding her on.

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  1. Dear Elder and Sister Reiss,

    Forgive me for using your blog to contact you. I have a Facebook friend who lives in Dormaa Ahenkro who's asked to meet with missionaries. I sent his info using the referral page at back in October, but no one has yet contacted him (I checked just a few minutes ago), not even by phone. If you are able to email me at, I would love to get his details to you. Many thanks!