Saturday, January 18, 2014


     In November Elder and Sister Palmer the office couple from Arizona went home.  It was sad but we were very happy for them.  We miss them but Elder and Sister Preator from Wyoming are here and we are continuing our evening walks and weekly date night.  One of the really neat things about being on this mission is getting to know these special couples.  We enjoy associating with Elder and Sister Olson also from Arizona.  They are serving in the Techiman area, but we see them once a month when they come to Kumasi for our meeting with President Holmes.
Elder and Sister Olson, Elder and Sister Palmer and us
     We opened a new area in Mpraeso and we have 4 missionaries serving in the area.  The branch was organized and they held their first sacrament meeting last Sunday in the Nkawkaw chapel because they don't have a building as yet in which to meet.
Some Mpraeso members and missionaries

Mpraeso missionary apartment


  1. Hi Elder and Sister Reiss, my name is John. My family and I may be living in Kumasi for several months next year and I wondered if I could contact you to find out about the church there, safe places to live, etc. I served in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission (2000-2002) and my wife and I spent a couple months together in Ghana before we had kids, so we know a little bit but would love to get your insights. I was not able to find an email on your blog… if you get a chance, would you mind shooting me and email at Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Elder and Sister Reiss,
    Same request as John above. Could I email you regarding a friend who will visit Kumasi in March? She is a former student of mine in California who will be working as an emergency nurse. Thanks, David Heid ( or