Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Second Week

After meeting with President Holmes a couple of more times, our responsibilities are becoming more clear.  We are responsible for supervising the apt. coordinator.  He travels to each of the 29 apts. each month delivers their supplies and does the checklist of things needed to be done.  He then compiles his reports and turns the checklists and reports in to us.   Elder Reiss goes over the information with him.  Then once in every quarter we visit each apt. to make sure the repairs have been done and to make sure everything is o.k.  They opened up a new area in the mission.    It is a 5 or 6 hour drive from here so that will be an overnight trip.   Elder Reiss is on the audit committee for the 5 branches.  He is assigned to audit 2 branches this month.  Thank goodness for the online tutorial at and his experience with the VFW audits.  He will do fine.  Our biggest challenge is understanding the people when they talk.  Most are o.k., but some have such a heavy accent that is almost impossible to understand them.  I hope it gets easier.  Another of our responsibilities it to help Sister Holmes with the medical needs of the missionaries.  This week we went with the AP’s to pick up an elder and take him to the clinic.  He had hurt his hip.  I guess it is just a pulled muscle or tendon.  The Dr. gave him some medication and sent him on his way.  We have to get the medication cleared with the mission doctor who is in Accra before he can take it.  This elder is from Texas.  He has only been out since Nov. and he is getting transferred to the new area in Tamale.  He was really overweight when he got here, but between trying to cook for themselves with not much to cook and walking everywhere, he has lost 50 lbs. in a short time.  He is a great elder and has a good attitude.  He will do great in Tamale.  We just got back from there and had to visit Elder Martindale from Ashton.  He seems to have a 24 hour bug, so Sister Holmes sent some stuff to him.  He and Elder Belnap from I.F will be going home in Sept. and Oct.  This is the first time he has been sick here, so he felt bad.  Things are going good.  We are slowly figuring out the shopping system and when we get a minute, we look for the different meeting houses and apartments.  Since it is fast Sunday, we attended our official ward with the Palmers.  It was mostly in Twi, so we just try and get as much out of the meetings as we can.

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