Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some observations

It seems that there are 3 distinct classes of people.  There are the poor that live in the huts on the streets.  There is the class that live in the apartments like we live in and the very rich that live in the very nice houses.  All dress well and they all are the happiest people I’ve ever seen.  Except for the wood huts that the very poor live in, all of the houses and buildings are made of cement blocks and cement.  Even some of the huts are cement block shells.    All of the houses and apartments have cement walls around them with iron gates.  It seems as though the great majority of the men here work and they work hard.  They drive taxis and tro tros, make cement and bricks, fill pot holes, make furniture and cabinets, haul logs, lumber, mechanics and there are the business men, technology people, etc.  Some are very well educated and most are very skilled in what they do.  There is almost no crime here.  I asked why all the security, razor wire, barred windows, locked gates.  It is because of the petty theft.    The one thing that surprised us is the family life.  We rarely see husband and wife together or see a family unit.  Even in the church there will be women sitting alone or with their children or men sitting alone.  Not very many family units like we are used to.  All lot of the time the men are in Accra or somewhere else working or they just don’t live together as families.  I think it is another culture thing and it is a concern for the church leaders which they are addressing.  These are some of the nicer homes in Kumasi.  In all of them except for this first one, the grass and trees are really dry.  It is the dry, winter season here now and hardly anyone waters their grass.  Even the really nice ward and stake centers have brown grass.

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