Thursday, August 8, 2013

6 months +

We are approaching  7 months now and I am having a difficult keeping up with the blog because time is going very quickly especially when we look back and not ahead.    The sister missionaries that live in the apartment behind us taught 2 of their investigators at our apartment.  They asked Elder Reiss to baptize them.
 One of our sister missionaries got very sick and had to spend some time in the hospital.  She eventually had to return to her home in Kenya for medical help.  It has been reported that they found out what the problem is and she is being treated.  She has a great desire to serve a mission so hopefully that will be possible in time.  We were visiting her at the hospital on a Sunday and her companions and some of the elders in her district also came to see her.
 In June we had 6 elders depart.  Elder Succo left a day early so this is a picture of the 5 their last night here.  Here are  a few of the incoming missionaries getting all their paperwork in order before heading out on their adventure in Ghana.

This district meeting was held on the grass under a tree.  When we got there the missionaries couldn't get into the building because spraying for bugs or something, so they held their meeting outside.
 We got a package from home.  This is me enjoying some peanut M & M's.
 When we arrived here in Ghana in January the weather was very hot and dry and everything was covered with red dust.  The lawns at the chapels and at the few places where there is grass, it was dry and crunchy.  We are in the rainy, cool season now so everything is green and lush and the weather is cool. It is cloudy most of the time, but we don't mind. The sun is still very warm when it comes out so we are enjoying the relief from the heat.  There has been a time or two that I couldn't have used my sweater, but I haven't gotten it out yet.  This is a picture of the lawn at the UST chapel.  The earlier pictures that I have posted of the chapels show the brown lawns.

 The snails here are huge.  This is a picture of a small one.
 We attended church one Sunday in Agona-Asamang.  Afterward we stopped by the Elder's apartment to pick something up and there was a cow herder in front of the apartment with his herd.  The cows are very tame.  We gave this member a ride to his home.  He wanted us to meet his father.  We took a picture of them and the children that were there wanted their picture taken also.

 They sell a lot of fabric in this little village on our way home.
 There were 4 elders that went home at the July transfer.  One of them left early in the morning so we didn't get a picture of him, but this is picture of the other 3.

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