Friday, August 30, 2013

Our trip to Techiman and other things

Frances planted corn in the vacant lot by the mission home.  He takes really good care of the mission home and the grounds.  It always looks clean and nice.  They raise a lot of corn here.  It is field corn that they dry and grind to use for flour for some of their dishes and they steam or roast it to sell and eat.  We find it quite tough so we haven't been able to eat it.
Frances's children helping with the corn

We traveled to Techiman with Cooper to take supplies to the missionaries and check on potential apartments.  It was market day in one of the villages we drove through.  It was the day the corn, yam and plaintain trucks came and all the people come to get their stuff to sell.  These are just a few pictures of what it was like driving through.  The traffic was bad and it took a long time to get through.

The Techiman elders killed a goat and roasted it.  I guess it was really good.  They saved a bone for a souvenir.  These are some more random pictures of Techiman and a couple of the apartments.

One of the Techiman apt/chapels

Eating lunch-Elder Keifala and Elder Allen

Elder Slade and Billy's bone.

Elder Slade, Elder Ward and Elder Hopkins

Cocoa tree with pods(salad, right?)
We attended church at the Boukrom branch.  They had a baptism that Sunday.  We love visiting these wards and branches.  It is so fun associating with the members, investigators and the missionaries.
Elder Yawtey and Elder Bradley

Elder Helgesen and Elder Bradley

Elder Bradley, Elder Helgesen and Elder Riddle

Brother Kay makes kente scripture bags

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