Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our trip to Central Market

When we first got here, we were visiting with Elder Martindale and Elder Belnap.  They informed us that before they went home they were going to take us to Central Market and take us on a tro-tro ride.  At that time we thought "I don't think so".  Well, we did both.  It came close for Elder Martindale to go home and we had decided that going to the market and riding on a tro-tro was something we wanted to do.  It was a really fun experience.  The tro-tro ride wasn't so bad.  We went to their apartment and walked to the tro-tro stop.  We waited quite awhile to catch the right one.
Waiting for the tro-tro

Walked by the Kumasi Zoo


Kente ties

We had to take 2 tro-tros to get there and 3 to get back.  There are hundreds of them going by, but finding the one that is going to where we wanted to go is a challenge.  Now we know why the missionaries have to plan way ahead to get to places and sometimes arrive late or too early.  The market was huge and crowded and we didn't go in very far. We found what we were looking for and spent a lot of time in only one or two isles.  We now would like to go back and see a little more of it.

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  1. Loved seeing pictures of my boy!! Thank you for posting them!! Looks like your having the time of your life!